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Alternatively, the slang term “pie thrower” is a bowler who is unsuccessful. Performance slang terms. A batsman removed from the game without scoring is referred to as a “duck.” This slang term is derived from the shape of a duck egg which just so happens to be oval shaped like the number zero.

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The term was most famously used in 1993, when England’s Mike Gatting dropped a dolly during a match against India. Duck/Golden Duck. A ‘duck’ is perhaps the best-known cricket slang term. This refers to when a batsman is dismissed without scoring. A ‘golden duck’ is when they are dismissed by the first ball. Jaffa

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This is a list of common cricket slang and jargon terms. # A. Agricultural Shot All-Rounder Arm Ball Asking Rate. B. Beamer Bouncer Bump Ball Bunsen. C. Chinaman Corridor Of Uncertainty Cow Corner Cow Shot Cross Bat. D. Devil’s Number Dolly Duck Under Delivery. E. F. Fast Bowling Flipper Full Toss Free Hit French Cut. G. Gardening Good Length Grafting Grubber Gully. H. Hack. I. J. K. L.

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Cricket- is someone who either talk shit about you , feel jealous of you or take you as a threat to always starts drama with you. Hating ass bitch. Cricket = hater. Crickets chrip all day , as soon you walk by them . they seem to shut up. Sometime crickets need to be ignore because they need attention.

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Cricket Slang Glossary 18 May, 2015 The youngsters are always creating new terms but some slang never dies, so take a look at our list and polish up on your cricket lingo so you're never left dumbfounded at the nets again.

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Fielding Slang. "Silly" refers to any fielding position that is near the wickets, resulting in the potential for injury. The "slip" refers to fielding positions near the wicket keeper, who is the person standing behind the wickets and batter. An easy catch of the ball is called a "dolly."

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Cricket is used becuase it's a symbol of silence so it implies that we should keep our illegal buisness a secret and not be too flashy about it. Other Slang terms go along with this to describe the potency of the cocaine like "chirp". Cricket that makes you chirp can be translated to cocaine that is good quality which causes you to feel the effects more strongly.

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the crickets: [expression] an awkward silence or feeling one gets in odd social situations. "My boss is always saying sexist things. It is giving me the crickets ."

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a player adept at both batting and bowling. In the modern era, this term can also refer to a wicket-keeper adept at batting. Anchor a top-order batsman capable of batting for a long duration throughout the innings. Usually batsman playing at numbers 3 or 4 play such a role, especially if there is a batting collapse.

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The Cricket World Cup 2019 starts on May 30, so time to brush up on your Cricket terms. To have had a good innings – to have enjoyed a long period of positive action or opportunity (from cricket where an innings is the time that a team spends batting and a good innings is when they score many runs)