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Tennis Volley Technique | 3 Steps To Volley Like A Pro

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1.2 Tennis Volley Stance and Setup • Top Speed Tennis

Examples of a correct forehand volley you show in 2.3 Tennis Volley Shoulder Turn: example 1: 2:07 till 2:09 example 2: 2:18 till 2:19 ( I played this example in slow-motion btw) Looking at example number 1 and 2 I can easily describe what you are or aren’t doing when you are in your ready position.

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You want to make sure to have that 90 degree angle, that power position between our grip and our forearm, always trying our best to keep that racquet head above the hand. And after each ball we hit, making sure you’re going in closing, split stepping to open up our angles and take away from our opponent to give us the best chance to win that point.

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Basics of the Tennis Volley While the volley is complicated by the fact that you have less time to react to the ball, the mechanics of the shot are actually quite straightforward compared to some of the other strokes. The main aim here is to minimize the size of the swing and simply “punch” the ball back.

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How to Volley In Tennis - Updated for 2021!

The volley is a timing-oriented shot with the power transitioning upwards through your legs and not through your arms. When it comes to volleying in tennis, there are two main aspects which you need to focus on: Split step: A split step is a general stance which professional tennis player get into when facing a lofted shot. When in split step stance, make sure to stay on the balls of your feet.

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Two feet inside the service line it is easy to hit a ball at your feet. Stand three feet from the net and it becomes impossible. Indeed get close enough, and even the worst-struck volley will still make it over. Closer to the net you have access to more angles, and can hit the ball softer and still get it over.

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On forehand volleys, the leg on the opposite side of your racket steps forward, while on backhand volleys the leg on the same side of the racket steps forward. For a right-handed player, the left leg steps forward during a forehand volley while on a backhand volley the right leg steps forward.