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15 Minute Home Workout For Tennis Players - YouTube

15 Minute Home Workout For Tennis Players. In this new Top Tennis Training video, Coach Simon Konov will take you through a 15 minute home workout for tennis...

Tennis Home Workout - YouTube

Training for tennis at home.Learn some tennis specific exercises you can do at home to help you get stronger, faster and more agile for when you do get on th...

Practicing Tennis At Home – Forehand And Backhand Workouts ...

Pelvis/hips activation – position yourself in a semi-open stance, hold the racket with both hands at the tip and at the handle and try to keep the racket mostly still while you twist your pelvis back and forth. Then position yourself in an open stance and engage the outside leg with the pelvis twist. 4.

Quick At Home Bodyweight Workout for Tennis Players - Tennis Tips

Skaters (30 seconds - 1 minute, building on speed) Fast feet (30 seconds - 1 minute, building on speed) High knees (30 seconds - 1 minute) Squat jump (10-15 reps) Take those basics and build a home exercise routine around yourself. Choose three exercises from above or any that work for you.

Tennis Fitness Circuit Workouts and Exercises to Improve ...

Tennis Training Workout. Jump rope. Jump lunges. Toe taps. Sprint to point A, medicine ball slam, sprint to point B, medicine ball slam. 1 foot on step, up 2, down 1, up 2… sidestep up to step and pop. Burpees. Battle ropes. Explosive Tennis Circuit to Improve Speed and Agility

25 Tennis Workouts for Strength Conditioning - Tennis 4 Beginners

Hold two heavy exercise ropes in front of you at about hip height and move your arms up and down in alternating fashion while holding the ropes. Continue to move the ropes up and down with your arms, creating a wave-like pattern in the ropes. Keep going until exhausted. Lower Body Exercises. When playing tennis, you will be using your legs a lot.